Great tool to make USB flash drives bootable

I just got a new Asus netbook and it came with Windows XP Home installed. First thing I wanted to do is install Ubuntu Netbook Remix and not having a built in CD-Rom on this thing is not that easy.

This tool called UNetbootin makes it really easy. Not only that it makes any flash drive bootable, but it can also download the ISO file for a lot of popular Linux distributions for you. It’s very easy to use and very lightweight. Windows version comes as one executable file and it’s about 3mb.

I had used this tool before long time ago but I couldn’t remember the name of it and searching for it brought me no luck. Thanks to firefox that doesn’t let you run .exe files like IE does, I had to actually save it in my PC so i looked through the download folder and there it was. By the way I was searching for “usb boot creator”  and “usb boot disk creator”. All the top results will lead you to this not good and huge application called Active Boot Disk, which is not free by the way.


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