The real Kindle killer that is more than just an e-book reader – The Touch Book

Touch Book

I never liked the original Kindle or the second generation. Kindle DX caught my attention with the native PDF support and  9.7″ screen. Now, the device that I think can compete and maybe even kill Kindle, if they market it right, is Touch Book made by a startup Always Innovating.

What separates this netbook from the others is the detachable keyboard and touchscreen capability. When I first read an article about this netbook on Popular Science magazine first thing I thought of was that this thing will make a great e-reader. It comes with PDF reader and e-Reader that supports multiple e-book formats including ePub and non-DRM Mobipocket.

It’s cheaper than Kindle DX at $299  or with keyboard attachment $399. They just started taking  pre-orders. However, they have a huge backlog and it will take them several weeks to fill every order.Touch Book Keyboard

For more information and detailed specs go to this link


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