Auto connect and authenticate to a mapped drive on Windows XP

Lately Windows XP Pro and Home is loosing connectivity to the mapped drive or sometime the user has to double click on on Z drive to initiate the authentication process. In some cases the “remember password” check box is not there either. Which means you have to type username and password every time you reboot. I have looked around for a solution and haven’t been able to find anything yet.

In some cases it has been asking for authentication even if i give permissions to “Everyone” on the local and shared permissions. If you run the network setup wizard and enable file and print sharing at the end it may work. It didn’t work on every case for me, very random.

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Bing travel advice, not a good one in my case

I was looking to buy a ticket from Baltimore to Chicago and I thought I’d give a try Bing’s Travel section of search. They claim to know when it’s the right time to purchase a ticket. So the first advice was to wait, and I signed up to get updates on my email and here is the first email I got after few hours:

Bing Advice on Aug 14
Bing Advice on Aug 14 – Click to see email snapshot

Then next day in the morning Bing changed its mind. At higher price it suggested I go ahead and buy the ticket: Continue reading “Bing travel advice, not a good one in my case”

Bing’s Search Results

Bing results for Facebook One tweet caught my eye and I had to take a look at it to see for myself. Benj Arriola over at Business OnLine posted that when you search “Microsoft” on Google you get more results than if you searched “Google” on Bing. While that is true I seriously don’t think that’s a negative thing, especially when Microsoft spent about $200 million in ads to send a message that Bing will find you the result you need and not get you lost in results, which it will happen with Google, Yahoo ore even Bing. Continue reading “Bing’s Search Results”

I need a plan to move away from 1and1

I have used 1and1 for a while now, I really don’t have a problem with their hosting plans, they’re cheap and reliable, a lot of space and bandwith, their MySQL limit to 100MB is not cool but it’s something you can live with if your site doesn’t have a lot of content.

Few days ago I registered this domain and it took good 4 hours before I could use it. Then as soon as the domain was availble I changed the DNS settings to use name servers and that took almost 24 hours to change. That’s what my issue with 1and1 is. They are very slow to apply DNS changes. Continue reading “I need a plan to move away from 1and1”

Twitter is attacked with DOS

According to C-Net Twitter is down because of a denial of service attack and it has been down for almost 6 hours now.

First thing I wanted to do was to tweet about it, but then it hit me! Oh no how is the world gonna get the news??? What happened in Iran???

wpToGo for Android G1

I jut saw this app on android market place and I am surprised its a free application. Reason why I say that is because this allows android users blog from anywhere, like what I’m doing right now. Fortunately the browser on the G1 is pretty good and it can handle almost all ajax calls that wordpress requires but this tool makes it so much easier to work with.

I setup the blog a day earlier and this is my first post. I was tired to actualy write anything after the long setup I went through. Mainly waiting for domain name to be available. I thought why not write about the app that I’m using to post with.