Google Voice for Android – Updated works with Google Apps accounts

Google Voice for AndroidWhen the first version of Google Voice for Android came out you could only use it with a Gmail account, the same account associated with marketplace. An update was released today that allows you to log-in with any other accounts as long as you have Google Voice, of course.

Now I can really take advantage of GV. As of right now I’m using it for voicemail only. The way I have it setup is, my office number forwards to GV number after it ring for 4 times. It takes about two more rings to actually get the voicemail. Of course GV is on “Do Not Disturb.” On my Android phone I have changed the default T-mobile number for voicemail to the GV. So what happens is that I have one voicemail box for both numbers.

It uses your data plan to download your voicemail. That will save me easy 40 minutes a month. Voicemail is played on earpiece for privacy.

Transcript does not work well, or sometimes it scares the hell out of you when it predicts the wrong thing from an unknown number and when you listen to it it’s completely different.

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