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Bing results for Facebook One tweet caught my eye and I had to take a look at it to see for myself. Benj Arriola over at Business OnLine posted that when you search “Microsoft” on Google you get more results than if you searched “Google” on Bing. While that is true I seriously don’t think that’s a negative thing, especially when Microsoft spent about $200 million in ads to send a message that Bing will find you the result you need and not get you lost in results, which it will happen with Google, Yahoo ore even Bing.

I really didn’t believe that Bing is biased to Microsoft owned properties as Benj says. The fact that Bing let’s you search Google from their search results proves my case (I think.) Also if you look at the link below Google search box there is a linkĀ  “Search for other results containing google” that when clicked it will give you all the result Ray is talking about. Bing results for GoogleBing does this with other popular keyword. Try “Facebook” and you will get one result only. One thing that I liked is that it gives you a phone number to reach that company. Of course Google doesn’t have a number where you and I can call, but I was surprised to know that Facebook does. Maybe it’s their advertising department :). The other keyword I tried is “United”, which gives you enough information about United Airlines and their customer service phone number.

Ray forgets to mention that if you search “” will give you the same result. Same thing about “”. How many people do you know that when they try to visit a site they use the search box instead of the address bar or url bar? I know a ton of them. In fact my cousin uses a misspelled website to get to the real site every time he visits the desired site.

My point is that it’s nothing against Google or Yahoo. It’s the path Bing has taken about finding what you need. If your intent was to go to through the Bing search box, they will show you how to get there.


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  1. i have been evaluating the search results of Microsoft Bing compared to Google and they are comparable. Bing gives almost the same relevant search results just like Google.

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