Bing travel advice, not a good one in my case

I was looking to buy a ticket from Baltimore to Chicago and I thought I’d give a try Bing’s Travel section of search. They claim to know when it’s the right time to purchase a ticket. So the first advice was to wait, and I signed up to get updates on my email and here is the first email I got after few hours:

Bing Advice on Aug 14
Bing Advice on Aug 14 – Click to see email snapshot

Then next day in the morning Bing changed its mind. At higher price it suggested I go ahead and buy the ticket:

Bing Advise on Aug 15
Bing Advice on Aug 15 – Click to see email snapshot

At 2:24am on Sunday Bing tells me to wait. At least the second advice was right. I don’t know about this one though. Since first time I looked for the same ticket the price went up for about $45. I usually buy my tickets first time i look. I go to different airlines and different sites before I make my purchase. I put my fate on Bing’s hands and now I may have to pay more.

Bing Advise on Aug 16
Bing Advice on Aug 16 – Click to see email snapshot


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  1. i couldnt agree more. i too usually buy right away, and i foolishly listened to bing’s “wait” recommendation. now ive watched my flight go from $479, to $529, to $681 – all while bing said to wait, prices would drop 40 something dollars. i may now end up paying $800 more for my family of 4’s tickets. 

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