Many people view affiliate marketing as a golden opportunity to make (fast and easy) money online. Therefore, they purchase a turnkey niche website under the belief that everything is pre-built and ready–ready for them to start earning money on autopilot. However, what they soon find out is that their pre-made niche website is far from turnkey and far from making them any money.

1. No Such Thing as a Turnkey Website

The first thing that you should understand about buying a pre-built niche website is that none of them are really turnkey. Yes, you can buy the software that will automatically build your site for you, but you will have to find your own hosting. Cheap hosting plans can run between $50 – 100 a year. Also, if you run into any technical issues setting up your site, there is no one to help you. All you can do is plead for your money back and/or leave a negative review of the product to warn others.

2. No Way to Customize Your Site

Another problem with buying a turnkey niche website is that since everything is automatically pre-built, that means there is no way to customize your site to make it look unique from others who have purchased the exact same site. In other words, you can’t differentiate your brand in a way that will create a memorable experience for your visitors. Therefore, you aren’t really building any brand value with a pre-made niche website.

3. No Unique Content

One of the biggest selling points to buy a turnkey website is because you won’t have to create any content for your site. However, if two or more people publish the same niche websites – that include the same content – then the content won’t be unique. Google won’t index the sites due to duplicate content. Therefore, you will end up spending time (and possibly more money) creating content for your supposedly turnkey website.

4. Poor User Experience

Pre-built websites are often very cheap. However, they also look unprofessional and use low quality graphics and templates. Furthermore, the site design and structure isn’t very SEO-friendly. All of this creates a poor user experience for your site’s visitors. Unfortunately, a poor user experience usually means poor conversions.

5. Bad for Your Brand

Finally, with all of the negative features that are associated with a turnkey niche website, one of the biggest negatives is that these sites are really bad for promoting your brand. As mentioned earlier, a poor user experience will lead to a poor conversion rate. In addition to a lack of sales, your brand’s perceived value will drop in the eyes of your audience. For example, if your website looks unprofessional to your audience, then your brand will likely come across as unprofessional too.

In short, instead of buying a pre-built website to promote your affiliate marketing niche, spend the money to get a professionally-built site. You can find many quality, affordable website builders by doing a simple Google search. You want a site that is customized to represent your brand, as well as have unique content that promotes your products or services.

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