RackSpace Cloud Review

About 4 months ago I tried Amazon EC2 with Ubuntu image and found it somehow difficult to configure the server, especially if you are not familiar with cli. Making an ssh remote connection required downloading few encryption keys from amazon. Linux server images from amazon seem to not have root password, therefore private and I think public keys are created for you to connect with ssh, which make it more secure. It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to use those keys. I worked with Linux boxes before, in fact I never hosted a site on Windows machine, and never will, but I didn’t have to use a ssh connection to configure my server. Continue reading “RackSpace Cloud Review”

How did I get infected with Advanced Virus Remover?

As you may have heard by now there is a lot of malware around acting as antivirus.  A client emailed me and told me that she was infected with “Advanced Virus Remover” and she noticed that when she was using store locator page at acmoore.com, which is an Arts and Crafts store. First I didn’t think that was possible. Usually you get infected from a site that is not known or popular. I had to check it myself, and what do you know, she was right!

Continue reading “How did I get infected with Advanced Virus Remover?”